“Strength, wisdom and fire! The kind of scenes actors live to play!”

            Jacklyn Zeman/ABC-TV

“I am so impressed with your work. You’re obviously a writer of wide-ranging interests. Best of luck. You clearly deserve it. Send any future scripts!”

            Robert Redford

“Fascinating ideas, exquisite and extraordinary writing.”

            Ruby Dee & Ossie Davis

“Reading these works is a mystical experience. The writing is an actor’s treasure. I could not put the works down! And “Harry & Evelyn is brilliant! Mystical!”

            Richard Shull/Victor/Victoria

“I consider the writing and the ideas just excellent! So much talent!”

            Liza Minnelli

“An astounding gift for insight. A writer with a brilliant gift for dialogue, characters and stories, that move the soul profoundly. A writer rich with honor, kindness and creatively so daring! “The Promise Cage” is painfully beautiful! Your writing amazes me! Your film/series ALL DAY AND A NIGHT is just another shining example of tremendous insight into character and writing that just explodes on the screen. It is sheer genius! Watching you create the series, THE KEEPERS with us years ago -was a gift!”

            Tod Jonson/producer/foreign press/award winning Documentarian

“You can’t imagine how delighted I am to read your works as they progress. Your subjects are so fascinating and your characters well rounded and so very intriguing for an Actor to “take on”. I eagerly look forward to your next production. Your integrity always shines through!”

            Anne Francis

“Very good!  Power and quality. If you have a script~for me~ send them!”

            Susan Sullivan

“These works look simply wonderful.  Please~ do keep sending and sending!”

            Mariette Hartley/actress/writer

You are obviously a very talented writer. I shall consider any of your works as soon as I am able to take on new commitments! What tremendous works you offer.”

            Stan Margulies/producer/Warner Bros.

Pamala writes with that specialized and rarefied vision that marks a true artist. Unflinchingly dissecting powerful relationships and the infinite entanglements of the human condition~ her works provoke insight and inspiration among all who experience them.”

            William C. Mulligan/Doubleday author

“We are so very impressed with the variety and the quality of your writings.”

            Suzanne Crayson/PBS/Los Angeles

“Pamala has an excellent gift which can become one of the outstanding contributions to the film, stage and literary world. She has a rich, fertile mind, a devotion to the very highest level of quality; additionally, she has the love and desire to succeed.”

            Ruth Warrick/Citizen Kane

            ABC/All My Children

“You are one very gifted writer! ‘Harry and Evelyn: Years After” is a haunting theatre musical and a film version would be mesmerizing, too!”

            Jack Lemmon

“Pamala- beautiful website with beautiful projects by a beautiful woman who writes beautifully! As Emily Dickinson wrote, “I died for beauty!”   I am pleased to recommend Pamala L. Hall, whose talent is exceeded only by her warmth, generosity and kindness as a human being. I was introduced to Pamala by a dead poet- EMILY DICKINSON.

As administrator to a very popular FB page inspired by the Jerome Charyn novel, ‘THE SECRET LIFE OF EMILY DICKINSON”, I have connected with more than 7,000 fans of the reclusive poet, many are professors, poets, writers and scholars. Early on, Pamala’s presence was felt in the community, and page members flocked to her perspective comments. When we discovered that Pamala was a very well- respected, successful screenwriter, we were immediately struck with an idea- Pamala would be the best person to write a screenplay of the novel. Working with Pamala has been very rewarding and her realization of the novel is beyond anything I could have hoped for. Someday, because of Pamala, the world may in turn be introduced to the “real” Emily Dickinson, through her film.”

            Lenore Riegel/Producer/Attorney

“I don’t know where to start in reading THE PROMISE CAGE. I have never connected with a script in such a way. It is absolutely beautiful and brilliant! So, measured. Well handled! Your characters are so well molded, the dialogue, the setting, camera movements- all must be kept! You have such a sense of story and pacing. The project holds such resonance for me. The story is very universal and a film anyone would aspire to see done. You are an exquisite writer in all you do, and I would love to have you create more and more such powerful works!”

            Eoin Macken, actor/BBC-MERLIN, The Tudors, director,cinematographer,writer

“Although I have not worked with Pamala, I have had the distinct pleasure of reading her written material that reflect a rich combination of talent, imagination and creativity. Pamala’s thorough understanding and deep sensitivity for her characters and related development is proven on the pages of her work. On a personal level, she is the consummate professional. She works round the clock with a passion for the stories she treats like children. She is a warm, caring, generous individual who takes time to listen and encourage others in her quest for creative expression. If you seek to work with a woman who loves words, as do I, and who has the integrity to see a project through, you will love working with this very special lady!”

            Mary Ann Shive/Former Marketing/Communications Executive, Poet/Songwriter

Once I started to read the amazing movie script, I wanted to read the script all the way to the ending.  Everything is in there from sadness feeling the emotional pain to happiness. I was very moved, so interesting to read. It was painful at times to be taken to the reality of those terrible prison days. My days were filled with fear, death, torture and rape was always close by. Thank you for telling my story so incredibly.  You were so kind and helpful. I could trust you.

            Love Marita & Rey, your friends.  From Marita Patos, author, “Trapped Behind      the Iron Curtain”

“I had seen the quotes and positive reviews of Pamala Hall’s work from well-known industry people. But, actually reading the script myself, had me gasping with excitement. Her timing of dramatic events, the placement of characters, the dialogue, were all perfectly placed. Her scripts pull you in. Spare, elegant, and direct, like an arrow to the heart, she crafts a story that will have you begging for more. I am so happy that Pamala, and Lionhawk Productions are converting my science fiction series, “The Love of the Tayamni,” from book to screen. I can’t wait to see what a team with such sensitivity, intelligence, and dramatic sense does with the series. I consider myself to be very fortunate to work with such a talented team as Lionhawk Productions. I consider her work brilliant.”

            Teresa McLaughlin, author, 8 book series, The Love of the Tayamni