The Love of the Tayamni

Spiraling through many worlds, through times in ancient history to the days of Civil Rights! Yes, the struggles in so many times and places for human rights, for peace, justice and hope. This major motion picture carries an epic number of books. EIGHT in the series that will take you through intriguing, exciting and mysterious journeys in film after film.

A young boy is abused and in danger, with people he believes are his own family. Meanwhile, hurling through space and time are a tribe of people who know the truth and come to save him. They will fight for his life and for his opportunity to save a deeply wounded human race. They will bring warriors, though their heartfelt code is to do no harm. The warriors now may be forced to undertake countless enemies.

There will be battles with creatures as you have never seen. A young woman, Batresh, of this noble, other worldly tribe, battles truths of her own and struggles to understand the meaning of her life and the lies once told to her. Her sister, one with the heart of a true warrior, joins her as their own private worlds and beliefs collide, as they face the struggle to keep their own close bond from faltering in the new world battle.

Love and passions run high as humanity battles to survive and as our heroines (and others) seek what we all seek, the understanding of who we truly are and how we can uplift one another.

Terrifying battles are undertaken. Incredible worlds, from beautiful to evil come together in conflict as not seen before on the big screen. You will find yourself in a world of magic, racing through history and time. In these characters, these wars, you will surely find your own reflection.