Screenplay by Pamala L. Hall                       

based on the book by Lisa Tenzin-Dolma

Imagine a crate of broken eggs leading you to your BOMD (Boy of my Dreams)! Your life is about to change in so many ways!

At that moment Lainey knew life was about to change, but then not all the changes would be happy ones.

She was content in school with special friends like Amy.  Even as her dad had been a love rat and had deserted her and her Mum for a ‘new family’, new ‘son,’ he had also abandoned them financially.

Oh, and speaking of good friends, Horace the white rat was Lainey’s. Mum thought he had destroyed too many sheets, but nevertheless allowed him to be with Lainey. That was a plus for Mum.

When Lainey looked up that day from those broken egg carton she had dropped, she had stared into the beautiful eyes of handsome young Kieran. It was love! Not only was he handsome but also, very talented and sweet. He was going to be pure joy but also, heartache was unavoidable. His fame could come at a price.

The worst part was that Mum sold the house and moved them so far away into a terrible commune. Well, that was terrible in Lainey’s mind and heart. So, love was struggling but flourishing with Kieran. The commune seemed to be a friendless place. Life would bring so much to a teenage girl now- love, hope, loss, and the years that teach a teenager how life unfolds.