We will soon be posting more information regarding the daring play; BRINGING DOWN THE LUCK. ┬áIt is a true story during the 1930′s in Harlem. Characters include Eunice Carter, Thomas Dewey, Langston Hughes, Carl Van Vechten, Ethel Waters, Lucky Luciano and more. I have fallen in love with this amazing time period and feel this extraodrinary tapestry of people will make unforgettable theatre. It is likely this show will be a film as well for Showtime or HBO. Readings and casting are taking place now.

The 1930′s in Harlem and New York City was a time when gangsters such as Lucky Luciano/a and other notorious names ruled with a violent hand. Their control spread across the city through trucking, produce, drugs, numbers/policy rackets and intimidation over all. Their wealth grew on the backs of others- including areas such as Harlem, struggling with her own poverty and violence. But men like Thomas Dewey and a woman such as Eunice Carter (who fought heart and soul for Harlem and the African American freedoms) made history when they promised to bring down Lucky and all those like him. Eunice was surrounded in her life by some of the most memorable writers, singers and civil rights leaders of that time! This stage play and film production is now underway and a haunting piece of history brought vividly to life!