“Strength, wisdom and fire! The kind of scenes actors live to play!”

Jacklyn Zeman/ABC-TV

“I am so impressed with your work. You’re obviously a writer of wide ranging interests. Best of luck. You clearly deserve it. Send any future scripts!”

Robert Redford

“Fascinating ideas, exquisite and extraordinary writing.”

Ruby Dee & Ossie Davis

“Reading these works is a mystical experience. The writing is an actor’s treasure. I could not put the works down! And “Harry & Evelyn is brilliant! Mystical!”

Richard Shull/Victor/Victoria

“I consider the writing and the ideas just excellent! So much talent!”

Liza Minnelli

“An astounding gift for insight. A writer with a brilliant gift for dialogue, characters and stories, that move the soul profoundly. A writer rich with honor, kindness and creatively so daring! “The Promise Cage” is painfully beautiful! Your writing amazes me! Your film/series ALL DAY AND A NIGHT  is just another shining example of tremendous insight into character and writing that just explodes on the screen. It is sheer genius! Watching you create the series  THE KEEPERS with us years ago -was a gift!”

Tod Jonson/producer/foreign press/award winning


“You can’t imagine how delighted I am to read your works as they progress. Your subjects are so fascinating and your characters well rounded and so very intriguing for an Actor to “take on”. I eagerly look forward to your next production. Your integrity always shines through!”

Anne Francis

“Very good!  Power and quality. If you have a script~for me~ send them!”

Susan Sullivan

“These works look simply wonderful.  Please~ do keep sending and sending!”

Mariette Hartley/actress/writer

You are obviously a very talented writer. I shall consider any of your works as soon as I am able to take on new commitments! What tremendous works you offer.”

Stan Margulies/producer/Warner Bros.

“Pamala writes with that specialized and rarefied vision that marks a true artist. Unflinchingly dissecting powerful relationships and the infinite entanglements of the human condition~ her works provoke insight and inspiration among all who experience them.”

William C. Mulligan/Doubleday author

“We are so very impressed with the variety and the quality of your writings.”

Suzanne Crayson/PBS/Los Angeles

“Pamala has an excellent gift which can become one of the outstanding contributions to the film, stage and literary world. She has a rich, fertile mind, a devotion to the very highest level of quality; additionally, she has the love and desire to succeed.”

Ruth Warrick/Citizen Kane

ABC/All My Children

“You are one very gifted writer! ‘Harry and Evelyn: Years After” is a haunting theatre musical and a film version would be mesmerizing, too!”

Jack Lemmon

“Pamala- beautiful website with beautiful projects by a beautiful woman who writes beautifully! As Emily Dickinson wrote ” I died for beauty!”    I am pleased to recommend Pamala L. Hall, whose talent is exceeded only by her warmth, generosity and kindness as a human being. I was introduced to Pamala by a dead poet- EMILY DICKINSON. As administrator to a very popular FB page inspired by the Jerome Charyn novel, ‘THE SECRET LIFE OF EMILY DICKINSON”, I have connected with more than 7,000 fans of the reclusive poet, many are professors, poets, writers and scholars. Early on, Pamala’s presence was felt in the community, and page members flocked to her perspective comments. When we discovered that Pamala was a very well- respected  successful screenwriter, we were immediately struck with an idea- Pamala would be the best person to write a screenplay of the novel. Working with Pamala has been very rewarding and her realization of the novel is beyond anything I could have hoped for. Someday, because of Pamala, the world may in turn be introduced to the “real” Emily Dickinson, through her film.”

Lenore Riegel/Producer/Attorney

“I don’t know where to start in reading THE PROMISE CAGE. I have never connected with a script in such a way. It is absolutely beautiful and brilliant! So measured. Well handled! Your characters are so well moulded, the dialogue, the setting, camera movements- all must be kept! You have such a sense of story and pacing. The project holds such resonance for me. The story is very universal and a film anyone would aspire to see done. You are an exquisite writer in all you do and I would love to have you create more and more such powerful works!”

Eoin Macken, actor/BBC-MERLIN, The Tudors, director,cinematographer,writer

“Although I have not worked with Pamala, I have had the distinct pleasure of reading her written material that reflect a rich combination of talent, imagination and creativity. Pamala’s thorough understanding and deep sensitivity for her characters and related development is proven on the pages of her work. On a personal level, she is the consumate professional. She works round the clock with a passion for the stories she treats like children. She is a warm, caring, generous individual who takes time to listen and encourage others in her quest for creative expression. If you seek to work with a woman who loves words, as do I, and who has the integiry to see a project through, you will love working with this very special lady!”

Mary Ann Shive/Former Marketing/Communications Executive, Poet/Songwriter



Following an acting career in California which included lengthy studies with The Melrose Theatre (Meisner technique), Pasadena Playhouse coach, Alan Levitt, and other outstanding coaches, I continued a career in shows such as , ‘THAT’S LIFE” with legendary Robert Morse, as well as FELONY SQUAD, KILDARE, and other shows. My early opportunities as a writer and creative force were with producer and award winning actor Mako at General Service Studios. I worked under his guidance. I began writing, as well as producing and directing my own theatre showcases. I have written the book and lyrics for numerous stage plays and musicals, as well as over forty songs (lyrics) with talented composers such as Michael McFrederick (Carnegie Hall, Linda Hopkins, and American Dance Machine) and Martin Mandelbaum.  I have written countless scripts for film, television and theatre, and have undertaken my first non-fiction novels based on a true story by elite authors here and in Europe. To list awards seems without merit- for I believe the works and those extraordinary artists who have read the works or been a part of it speaks volumes.

Presently, I have been asked by the Society of Joan of Arc, to write a chapter for her international tribute led by the true Legion of Honor in France. This will be a published book of nineteen chapters (representing her 19 years of life) by nineteen writers. As well, the Pamala L. Hall Literary Awards for film, television, theatre and book have been established in Mexico. special film and stage awards will extend to the U.S. and other countries thanks to the tireless work of Tod Jonson.

Herein, I have noted just ‘some’ of the scripts written in draft 2-3 format, treatment/synopsis format or in production at some level.


RIVER CRY, comedy-drama/thriller that unfolds the story of a young whiz kid who shares some very unusual and haunting psychic dreams about a series of murders, with a female stranger in the same building. Their unwilling and extraordinary bond develops as he nurtures an intense crush on her, after meeting. They share more and more disturbing visions of murder and mayhem. Deciding to catch the killer before he/she captures them begins a heart stopping journey!

THE PROMISE CAGE, a powerful story of live and friendship~ and the sometimes difficult promises we make to those we love~ those promises we may have to struggle to keep. This story deeply probes the controversy of ‘assisted suicide and euthanasia’, and the complex ethical, religious, and emotional aspects of it. A husband and wife work to make a decision regarding a promise made to their terminally ill son. His rebellious but loving sister, their best friend (with a deeper tie to the son than first known), and their best friends, a physician and her journalist husband, help create a tapestry of explosive emotions. Not only the issues of this haunting decision are explored, but hope, forgiveness and family are probed in a rich, unrelenting journey of memorable characters. NOW IN PRE-PRODUCTION. Directed by Eoin Macken (BBC Merlin and more) in 2013, Ct./N.Y.)

NIGHTINGALE, a sweeping tale of the famous and eccentric Florence Nightingale and her determination to make nursing a career of courage and integrity. Her tireless fight during the Crimean War, her brave accomplishments in the nursing world, her travels down the Nile, and her controversial, rarely revealed relationships, offer an unforgettable journey in history.

WOMEN OF WILDTREE, the aftermath of WW2 left its mark on many families. This unusual story weaves the lives of two eccentric sisters, their family and friends who have come together to survive. The house holds its own secrets and hopes, as the women become shockingly involved with a man hiding from the law in their house. The women find their own need for justice under this threatening, confusing situation that begins to unravel their own hidden past of injustice. Humor, pain, fury and love make this a most unusual ‘coming of age’ tale, as well as a gripping thriller.

BRINGING DOWN THE LUCK, based on the true life story of attorney Eunice Carter. Under the Thomas Dewey administration in New York in the early 1900’s, her courage in the streets of Harlem and her determination to bring down some of the most dangerous criminal leaders in the city, with the aid of her associates, led to an unforgettable shakedown of those notorious figures. Although she often feared for her husband and family, she struggled against all odds to defeat corruption at every turn in this deeply moving black and white film. She was a part of one of the most memorable, fascinating times in New York City and Harlem. I have created a deeply moving theatre piece as well which encompasses her fascinating life as one of Dewey’s historic prosecuting team and her memories of her beloved Harlem, the legendary Harlem Renaissance, some of the greatest artists of the renaissance, and one of the great trials in history.  (stage & screen)

WHITE HORSE DANCING, thriller/drama as bounty hunter, Ruby North has resolved to find two missing children when she hears a kidnapped who vanished long ago uncharged, has resurfaced, and threatens even her own child. Ruby is not the only one after the vicious kidnapper/murderer~ so is burned out, frustrated bounty hunter Oliver Wolf Slade. The press has followed the story with the vengeance, hitting the issue of how much more attention the story has gained since they are not American Indian children this time. Slade and Ruby agree to disagree and find the kidnapper/murderer and the abducted child. A relationship of humor and compassion unfolds in this unique story, as they travel a very dangerous trail, joining forces with an ancient Shaman and his handicapped grandson. Legends and high stakes take the audience on a very wild ride!

THE AUGUST GESTURE, (based on my play) a rich combination of comedy and drama as a woman playwright, facing her last days, offers an unusual gesture to a young up and coming actor and actress, talented, loaded with ego and issues, and about to experience one of the most touching experiences of their lives.

AN AFTERNOON REMEMBERED, an unusual film~ that recalls the love of an invalid and a passionate noted woman artist, as seen through the eyes of two young people, as they come of age, and within her own paintings. It is a story of love, dreams, redemption, and beauty.

GAITAN,  a stunning true story of the historic violence of Colombia and her politics in the 1940’s. The memorable and sharply etched characters, so different from one another, face the impact of government, church, and citizens torn by their beliefs and struggles for freedom. The controversial, charismatic political candidate , GAITAN, seems to understand  the heart and spirit of the people and seeks to understand how to end violence. He fights ultimately to see their country flourish and end its reign of violence. His personal life strains to survive amidst the tragic turmoil, as he &  his countrymen search to know who they truly are and how they will survive the political upheaval of the country. This is an epic film which offers a deeply moving story, a visual feast and a journey to find humanity lost! It is the story of a country with great beauty and heart, seeking change~ and a great man who tried to lead the way. His tragic assassination on the infamous Day of Violence is unforgettable! Moving now with excellent team! 2012!

THEFT OF FIRE, the continuing plight of the American Indian is seen through the eyes of an English woman doctor whose ‘cool study and aid’ becomes profoundly shaken to the core as she sees the truth unfold between an ambitious American politician claming to understand the Indians, a young college boy and his explosive relationship with a young American Indian boy, determined to abandon the history of his family and people.

HARRY AND EVELYN; THE YEARS AFTER, (from my musical drama and movie for television written 1976 & 1980), a haunting visual feast and a passionate, powerful film of love, greed, scandal, and murder in the early 1900’s! The story of the notorious murder of famed architect Stanford White at Madison Square Garden in a fit of rage by Harry Thaw, over his wife, Evelyn Nesbit. Considered one of the great scandals and trials in history- certainly one of the most infamous. To some it was a cold blooded murder~ to some it was a tragedy~ a scandal of the rich~ to some; it was a kind of love story! Going to stage and film 2012-13.

THE EMPEROR’S GIFT, the courageous story of the WW2 nurses and their battle to survive an invasion ‘in paradise’, as they tend to wounded soldiers they refuse to abandon in Corregidor/Bataan and other areas. This is a story to at last celebrate their amazing journey and the extraordinary women who faced their hopes and fears as the Japanese stormed their remaining troops. An unforgettable story of sacrifice and women truly finding themselves ‘soldiers of the war!’

RUNNING IN THE STILLNESS, a young woman overwhelmed with her life and losses, feels even more broken and estranged when her grandfather dies. She returns to her hometown to bury him, gather his belongings, and seek some closure through his professional photography collections of portraits he has garnered over the decades. When she begins to sort out the photos, she finds herself deeply moved by some of the photos, and realizes there may be families who would want these photographs. She begins a very touching journey across country~ trying to find a home for each photo she selects. Entering the lives of many strangers, whose lives for a moment in time were captured by her talented grandfather (who had a special gift for showing so much of the heart and soul in his photography), changes her own life forever, especially as his own secrets unfold.



SERENADE FOR EIGHT, (also a non-fiction novel) a true story~ of great courage, love and faith, as we are introduced in this touching story to a couple in Michigan who decided to help children in foster care. They became so inspired, and felt such deep love for the first child, who had been terribly abused as an infant, they began to bring more children out of the system, and ADOPT them! This is a love story in the greatest sense, as we see them ADOPT TWELVE children, all physically and emotionally abused by family members, physically challenged: Shaken baby Syndrome, Brain Trauma, and more. Children often passed over by the very systems of the government intended to protect and aid them can find hope. This couple’s  impassioned goal to ‘save these children’ and all children like them, moves them to battle a system failing too many children. Unforgettable! Now that their treasured mother, Sarah faces Parkinson’s Plus the battle, the love, and the serenade continue. I feel adopting this in many creative ways allows so many to hear a very profound story. It needs to be heard. Thus, I am also working on a theatrical concept. This story could travel and be seen as a tremendous educational journey as well as presented on a major stage.

THE SAVING OF HEROINES, a controversial drama inspired by Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis, which tells the story of a young white woman’s confusion, fear and hope, when her much loved black husband is viciously  killed. When faced with pregnancy, she must decide whether or not to bring a child into a world she sees is more and more prejudice, and how to confront both families who have always been divided by the marriage.

PERFECT WEATHER, a searing, beautiful story of two families working to survive the sudden suicide of a young son, and solve the mystery of why he ended his life. The two families fight to understand how perhaps an emotionally unstable girlfriend led the young man to his decision. The families had been long time friends, but often felt distanced by the relationship their children shared. What is the truth? Through rage, grief, and unanswered questions, they come full circle to love and forgiveness, seeking to know how a life that appeared so ‘perfect’ was shattered.

THE ROSES OF WINTER, the extraordinary life of English born, American raised, Elizabeth Blackwell who became the FIRST woman doctor, and one of the great women of history. Her life (and the entire amazing Blackwell family) began in England, as she learned early the prejudices in life about to confront her. Her very timely story unfolds as she moves to America and courageously undertakes the study of medicine in a time period that tried to refuse her every dream and ambition. She did not hesitate to fight the prejudice, nor issues relevant to the time (and still often so) – abortion, over-use of drugs and surgery, animal experimentation and more. She was refused the ultimate dream to be a surgeon when she lost her eye. This never stopped her from becoming a timeless influence in medicine for women, and a courageous activist in her own ‘quiet but powerful way.’ Moving to pre-production with a series on Blackwell, Dix, Tubman and more.

DEADLY DOUBT, (combined with my musical drama HARRY & EVELYN; THE YEARS AFTER for a musical film) the notorious trial of Harry Kendall Thaw, one of the wealthiest and most eccentric troublemakers in the early 1900’s gilded age of New York. His dark, impassioned relationship and eventual marriage with beautiful Evelyn Nesbit led him through a web of lies, deceit, passion, and perhaps madness. Her stories of damage and wounds at the hands of famous architect, Stanford White, moved Thaw to murder White in front of audiences at Madison Square Garden. Thaw’s trial became one of the most unusual in history, and the marriage became one of the most complicated, fiery tales of love ever told.

THEATRE- dramas, comedies, musicals


FRIDA AND DIEGO, the soaring musical about the famous, controversial relationship between gifted artists, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera~ their fascinating, often tragic love affair, their political entanglements, and their brilliant talents of rich strokes, stunning colors and daring visions of life in paintings that remain with us enduringly.

HARRY AND EVELYN; THE YEARS AFTER, the dark, chilling musical version for theatre (my t.v. movie script ,Deadly Doubt, was combined with this project for the H&E film musical) of the infamous murder in Madison Square Garden of noted N.Y. architect Stanford White, and the events spanning the event some twenty years later. It is a hypnotic tapestry of White’s murderer, wealthy Harry Thaw, who killed White “to save” his beautiful wife, Evelyn; lies, love, wealth and madness are wrapped stunningly within songs such as CAROUSEL LIES, DISREGARD THE MEMORY, FOLLE’/MAD, and more…originally created in 1979 and showcased in N.Y. 1988.

THE COLLECTION OF WINGS, musical drama which spins an unusual dark viewpoint of unrequited love and obsession, when a kidnaper attempts to ‘cage/collect’ a beautiful woman he ‘adores’….she decides in captivity, tempting him or death are the only ways out. Slowly, she begins to gain control over her kidnaper as this captivating, explosive ending unfolds for both. The songs range from tenderness, innocence, and love to rage and ultimately, loss: GO MAD A LITTLE, TURNING BACK THE ROSES, SILVER TRAINS, AND SWEET TASTE are a few of these memorable songs.

CALUMET, history unfolds into a most unusual and daring musical in the mining town of Calumet, where miners who work excruciating hours in the shadows of the underground, the dark tunnels of earth- try to hold fast to new lives, and to hope as the unions and fights among themselves, stir dangerous times. Dreams of a new life, of love, and healing mark this story with triumph and tragedy.

LIVING IN PEGGY, (inspired by the gifted Ruby Dee), an intense drama of a woman therapist at a young women’s prison. She is world weary and has come to believe, “she was never a savoir, an answer for any of these young women, nor did she ever desire to be one.” Her grief and pain over her daughter’s long ago brutal death remains a shadow in her life and she now faces the loss of her sister. Her last patient/prisoner, a young woman whose past is steeped in violence, brings stunning confrontations for the young woman as well as the therapist. Both must face their grief, fury, and their questions of faith, hope, and change, and how we ultimately survive life. This is a play that wraps a rich unusual feast of words- mingling the stark, searing realities of dialogue and character, with almost painfully beautiful lyrical language. It questions the birth of violence. It is a gripping attempt to review so much in one’s life: change, education art, courage, and ultimately, how to renew life amidst chaos and loss.

BOOK TO FILM and more updates: BLUEBELL COTTAGE by Heather Mjl Watson, U.K.  author of sell-out book has asked me to write the film script for this newly released book. This will be a trilogy SciFi-Fantasy regarding the legend of the Sidhe.  ALL DAY AND A NIGHT , my prison feature film is a dark view of prison life for men and women and the injustices of the system- injustices fought, murder, love and more found in this exciting film and t.v. series. Now in progress. Most insightful writing, characters and research to date. True prison experts/consultants who are among the most noted in the justice system assisting with this outstanding project!. We are in progress and moving beautifully with ALL DAY AND A NIGHT and several other film, stage, t.v. works. -top figures/experts ( in prison/justice system, etc.) This is going to be such a profound insight into the life of inmates, corrections officers, the inside world and those who leave the system. We include those who struggle with drug abuse continued within prison walls, sexual abuse, Correction Officers who want to help the inmates and those women (or men) CO’s who experience such stress, find themselves unable to handle it, and become abusers, drug users, anger and rage lead to broken lives themselves. Very good news on my series THE KEEPERS coming soon. New title on it ” HOUSE OF KEYS .Thanks again for an outstanding number of supporters within the industry and beyond on this 1975 series. Keepers title has been changed, adapted to my writings and original works High concept. All films feature films and are high concept! Only 1-2 will be smaller indie feature films.

SHADOW-DIVE, Three-D film, dolphins, whales, and mysteries of ancient times will bring this 3D adventure to the big screen sooner than we thought possible. We are learning much about 3D!  It is an amazing world in technology. Very excited to see this film progressing . CLOSING DOORS, our based on true story film and other high concepts films have been entered on the new project division soon. Also, my thriller script with co-writer Frank Burmaster, THORN is being prepped by us as a  draft one. We already have some excellent producers interested. This will be a budget of 8-10 million. Our film GLASGOW, brain trauma injury film is a deeply moving, insightful look into the lives of two people who faced this incredible challenge to live and to recover! CARGO, just – high concept feature film. This incredibly stark, fast moving drama is about one of the most fast growing horrendous businesses internationally- human trafficking. We are tremendously excited to be doing a very hard hitting film on this dark world!

I have the honor of being asked to write two more prison works: books to screen. One will be a female inmate’s true story about her time served and her impact on justice. Another book will be the chilling tale of a police officer (police chief and an officer at corrections,etc) who almost lost his life to another police officer- the forgotten files and the bitter tale when the ‘blue line is broken!’  BLUE SILENCE is in its early stages as a movie for television.  TOM MIX, the famous cowboy in Old Hollywood…a 2 time Oscar winning friend (he won for a great documentary on the American Cowboy) is helping this production move very swiftly. You will remember the cowboys of the true west and those of the movie studio days in the 1940′s and on. Sweet memories.  A Western you will hold as sweet as memories.

EMPEROR’S GIFT is going to be a magnificent film for numerous top A list actresses and actors- many strong roles for the gifted women of this business. .  BLUEBELL COTTAGE AND THISTLE LODGE still negotiating casting- two outstanding leads thus far. SECRET LIFE OF EMILY DICKINSON has two of the top A list actresses eager to fill this role.  Much happening. stay with us- more websites coming again- updating- we are building a gorgeous unfolding of the works! Also, I have been asked to take two more excellent books to the screen. More on this soon. Thank you for the extraordinary support on all the projects. Over the next 5-6 years we will have over countless major films, two series, and several stage plays developing now for the N.Y. stage. We are bringing on  board A/B list actors, directors, producers. A great deal of work now and on through the journey- serious works take time but we are moving beautifully!  Again, thank you for so much support!