DOLPHINS OF OCEANUS,  a trilogy by author John Hoopes, written for the screen by Pamala L. Hall

Dolphins of Oceanus

A young boy and his father grieve the painful loss of mother/wife. They have drifted into that place filled with shadows and struggle. A day in the warm summer sun in a boat with fish poles resting in the water, they remain silent.

It seems there is so little to say. The young boy draws his comic art, finally releasing himself to some pleasure. He gently asks his father, a talented writer now unable to create…”Make me a story, father and I’ll draw it!”

Suddenly a tug on the fishing rod and a steelhead is caught. The son releases it back to the waters and as he does, the boat suddenly tips. He falls into the waters and vanishes from sight. His fathers’ cries go unheard.

The boy sinks deeper and deeper into the waters and within moments he is surrounded by the curious eyes of dolphins. They are stunned the “Child” is not a dolphin yet seems to hold to life. More shocking, within the Child radiates a beautiful, mysterious jewel!

Though very spiritual and loving creatures, there is reason to fear this ‘non-dolphin’ child who struggles to adapt to this most peculiar life in the sea. Vlorio, Language Master sonars the child and warns all the dolphins present, “He is a danger and we must make him an outcast.” They lead the child to the place of outcasts as they fight and kill attacking sharks. The precious jewel is awakened and Koa, the dolphin, works to control its powerful energies. The jewel calms and the boy-dolphin now more fearful- still tries to find how to survive this new life as he experiences more and more transformation.

A decision is made. They will make him a dolphin and protect him! They must work to understand him and the jewel. They must learn more of the “child” (the human boy) become a dolphin. They have watched and loved the child from afar. They have watched their kindness and their brutality. They have watched them destroy their own universe and therefore, that of the sea world. It is time to do all possible to understand one another and seek to save one another.


The Great Gray Whales such as dear friend to the dolphins, Gray Konkronioma, the sperm whales, the orcas and so many others join on this breathtaking, extraordinary journey to save the Child and the world around him. Within this journey, we will meet some of the most Divine spiritual creatures of the oceans.

Memorable dolphins in this live action drama- Nania, Lirias, Talella, Rimi and many more with special gifts ,protect the child throughout the storms of the great sea, the predators that surround them all, and the unforgettable full transformation of the boy-dolphin. Travels through the great sea and through a haunting spiritual world of joy and discoveries unfold in this major motion picture presented with some of the most exquisite visuals of sea life ever seen.

The second book/film “Dreaming Dolphins” continues these magnificent experiences that speak to the need of each of us to act now to save this world of child and dolphin. We must act now to save the environment and to heal Mother Nature or all will be lost for all living creatures. A third book is now underway to complete this deeply spiritual, profoundly beautiful trilogy of stories for every age.

Dolphins Of Oceanus, Book One

Dolphins Of Oceanus, Book One