Serenade For Eight by Pamala L. Hall

Chapter One - intro

You can never imagine where life is taking you. That’s all she can think as Sarah studies the long corridors. Life makes its way down those corridors day in and day out. Life stands at open door ways and watches, eyes wide open, flowers at her feet, kisses ready for good-byes or new mornings. She is there night and day never leaving. She steps aside only for her two sisters: Birth opens her arms to the new babies while Death embraces those who take her hands into their own, and she gently, waves off  loved ones.

Hospitals are what Sarah knows best. She follows life here at least fifty hours a week. She breathes life into patient after patient.

A nurse, dressed in cool midnight blue, rubs weary eyes and seems to drift down the quiet halls. She carries medications in her hands and the weight of the night on her shoulders. She makes her habitual glance at her watch, presses it close to her ear for a moment, as if to hear time passing.

“Long night”, she says to no one. Sarah watches her until she vanishes into the silence of those who sleep and wait for saviors.

We will be adding new sections from the book and a tribute to Sarah. This wonderful mom passed away just recently and is profoundly missed by many. There will be more photographs of the family added as well.