The Writer’s Vision

Bringing Down The LuckBringing Down The Luck

Stage Play and Screenplay By Pamala L. Hall

It is a true story during the 1930’s in Harlem. Characters include Eunice Carter, Thomas Dewey, Langston Hughes, Carl Van Vechten, Ethel Waters, Lucky Luciano and more. I have fallen in love with this amazing time period and feel this extraordinary tapestry of people will make unforgettable theatre. This most unusual and daring show will be a film as well as theatre.

The 1930’s in Harlem and New York City was a time when gangsters such as Lucky Luciano and other notorious names ruled with a violent hand. Their control spread across the city through trucking, produce, drugs, numbers, policy rackets and intimidation over all. Their wealth grew on the backs of others- including areas such as Harlem, struggling with her own poverty and violence. But men like Thomas Dewey and a woman such as Eunice Carter (who fought heart and soul for Harlem and the African American freedoms) made history when they promised to bring down Lucky and all those like him.

Eunice was surrounded in her life by some of the most memorable writers, singers and civil rights leaders of that time! This stage play and film production is a haunting piece of history that will be brought vividly to life and will sweep you into the magic!

The Secret Life of Emily DickinsonThe Secret Life of Emily Dickinson

Adapted for the Screen by Pamala L. Hall from book by Jerome Charyn

I am pleased to announce I am writing the screenplay for the noted author, Jerome Charyn’s book: The Secret Life of Emily Dickinson. Mr. Charyn is considered one of the greatest authors in American Literature.  In Charyn’s daring, delicious book- Emily is certainly not the “high school Emily” we discovered and followed with youthful study.

In this book (and the film), she is so intriguing and will surprise you at every turn. Her passion for her work, the storm of words ever in her head and heart, will move you deeply.

Whether it is her risky journeys out to the world or to lovers (real or imagined)- or her view of the world from her writing desk, she will enchant you without a doubt. The visuals, the imagination, the character’s full of twists and turns and magic, are so alive in this book – you can only imagine how unforgettable they will be on the screen! Casting is underway.

Bluebell CottageBluebell Cottage

Adapted for the Screen by Pamala L. Hall and Heather M.J.L. Watson, Book by Heather M.J.L. Watson

I am also pleased to announce I am writing the screenplay with the very talented, up and coming English author, Heather Mjl Watson’s book: Bluebell Cottage. This book of love, legend and war can also be found on Facebook.  The film will be in production in 2012. This book will be the first of a sci-fi trilogy.

The beauty of Ireland is the setting for the ‘coming of the Sidhe’ and a young woman’s world renewed by love and perhaps, shattered by war. She unwittingly becomes the cause of a great war between ancient tribes.

The love of a handsome stranger opens her to a mythical and dangerous journey into a world unknown by most. The battles between two different worlds make her face the hardest decisions of her life, and thrusts her into a world of magnificent powers, dark wars, enduring love and a bargain that may cost her dearly. Casting is underway.

The Promise CageThe Promise Cage

Original Screen Play by Pamala L. Hall

Sometimes we must keep a promise that will break our heart.

This is a powerful story of love and friendship~ and the sometimes difficult promises we make to those we love~ those promises we may have to struggle to keep. This story deeply probes the controversy of ‘assisted suicide and euthanasia’, and the complex ethical, religious, and emotional aspects of it.

A husband and wife work to make a decision regarding a promise made to their terminally ill son. His rebellious but loving sister, their best friend (with a deeper tie to the son than first known), and their best friends, a physician and her journalist husband, help create a tapestry of explosive emotions.

Not only the issues of this haunting decision are explored, but hope, forgiveness and family are probed in a rich, unrelenting journey of memorable characters.

Roses Of WinterRoses Of Winter

Movie For Television By Pamala L. Hall

The focus is on the extraordinary life of English born, American raised, Elizabeth Blackwell who became the FIRST woman doctor, and one of the great women of history. Her life (and the entire amazing Blackwell family) began in England, as she learned early the prejudices in life about to confront her. Her very timely story unfolds as she moves to America and courageously undertakes the study of medicine in a time period that tried to refuse her every dream and ambition. Blackwell did not hesitate to fight the prejudice, nor issues relevant to the time (and still often so) – abortion, over-use of drugs and surgery, animal experimentation and more.

She was refused the ultimate dream to be a surgeon when she lost her eye. This never stopped her from becoming a timeless influence in medicine for women, and a courageous activist in her own ‘quiet but powerful way.’

Serenade For EightSerenade For Eight

Movie For Television By Pamala L. Hall

Serenade For Eight (also a non-fiction novel) is a true story~ of great courage, love and faith, as we are introduced in this touching story to a couple in Michigan who decided to help children in foster care. They became so inspired, and felt such deep love for the first child, who had been terribly abused as an infant, they began to bring more children out of the system, and ADOPT them! This is a love story in the greatest sense, as we see them ADOPT TWELVE children, all physically and emotionally abused by family members, physically challenged- TBI, autism, paralysis, FAS and more – and often passed over by the very systems of the government intended to protect and aid them.

Their impassioned goal to ‘save these children’ and all children like them, moves them to battle a system failing too many children. Unforgettable! Now that their treasured mother, Sarah faces Parkinson’s Plus the battle, the love, and the serenade continue. I feel adopting this in many creative ways allows so many to hear a very profound story. It needs to be heard. Thus, I am also working on a theatrical concept. This story could travel and be seen as a tremendous educational journey as well as presented on a major stage.

Harry and Evelyn, The Years AfterHarry And Evelyn, The Years After

Musical For Film And Stage by Pamala L. Hall

This is the dark, chilling musical version for theatre (my t.v. movie script, Deadly Doubt, was combined with this project for the H&E film musical) of the infamous murder in Madison Square Garden of noted N.Y. architect Stanford White, and the events spanning the event some twenty years later. It is a hypnotic tapestry of White’s murderer, wealthy Harry Thaw, who killed White “to save” his beautiful wife, Evelyn.

Lies, love, wealth and madness are wrapped stunningly within songs such as CAROUSEL LIES, DISREGARD THE MEMORY, FOLLE’/MAD, and more…originally created and showcased in New York. To some it was a scandal, to some it was a tragedy, to some it was murder, to some it was a kind of love story.

Perfect-WeatherPerfect Weather

Movie For Television By Pamala L. Hall

Everything is perfect. Nothing bad can happen.

Perfect Weather is a searing, beautiful story of two families working to survive the sudden suicide of a young son, and solve the mystery of why he ended his life. The two families fight to understand how perhaps an emotionally unstable girlfriend led the young man to his decision.

The families had been long time friends, but often felt distanced by the relationship their children shared. What is the truth? Through rage, grief, and unanswered questions, they come full circle to love and forgiveness, seeking to know how a life that appeared so ‘perfect’ was shattered.